Varicose veins

Excessive sweating


Leg circulation

Thoracic outlet syndrome

Carotid disease

Vascular surgery is a multidisciplinary speciality involving the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular pathologies from modifying a patients risk factors to providing treatments ranging from minimally invasive procesures (angioplasty and stents) to open conventional surgical operations.


This website offers a wealth of information about vascular conditions and their treatment.Conditions treated by vascular surgeons include: Varicose veins (Endovenous laser therapy or Radiofrequency Ablation), thread veins (sclerotherapy), claudication, critical limb ischaemia, circulation disorders of the upper or lower limbs, aneurysms, carotid disease surgery to prevent stroke, sweaty hands, hyperhidrosis, facial blushing, thoracic outlet syndrome.


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